Thursday, July 19, 2012

Progress Report 07.19.12

Completed the last 5% of the benchwork (the Peoria Branch).  It was tougher than I thought.  I had to take back more of the existing benchwork than I had originally planned.  It was so bad at first figuring it out, that I had to leave the room and take a breather.

Went out to the garage to rummage through the lumber inventory.  Found two pieces of plywood and went back to the room.  Removed one section of existing benchwork on the former CNW branch.  Cut both large sections of the Peoria branch and installed.  Laid out some track and envisioned the new station scene in Peoria.  Yes!  This will work.  I like it a lot!!

Cut one last piece of benchwork that I nearly forgot.  There was a small 8" section or so between Bureau Junction and the original benchwork at West Bureau.  Cut and installed the last piece of the puzzle.

Hooray!  All benchwork is complete!

Started cleaning up removing all scrap plywood (old layout benchwork, remnants from the ovalix), sorted through the used flex track and turnouts.  Started vacuuming up the mounds of sawdust and debris on the floor.

Project update:
1) complete benchwork for the Peoria branch
2) drill holes for the bus wire
3) run the bus wire
4) cut and re-install the workbench desk
5) clean up the room.
6) start laying cork roadbed and track.
7) drop solder feeders
8) install slide switches
9) install car card boxes
10) revise timetable schedules
11) introduce new and remove obsolete waybills
12) re-stage layout (majority is re-staged, but need to integrate the new industries and place cars in the new Ottawa yard, LaSalle and Bureau storage tracks).

13) schedule next op session!


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