Friday, August 24, 2012

Progress Report 08.24.12

I wasn't sure if I would get around to working on the layout this evening or not as I spent a lot of time on yard duty and working in the garage.

I did manage to get up to the layout and install six of the ten remaining slide switches including three of the troublesome ones from the other night.

Replaced two turnouts that were used and damaged due to failed slide switch installations.

All this wouldn't have been possible without the speedy shipping of Chuck at Feather River Trains.  Without his help, the ROCK crews would have been at a standstill tonight.  Thanks Chuck!  If you haven't visited his store online, check it out.

I glued the piers (all four of them) to the highway bridge over Ottawa Yard.

I'm excited as slide switch installation is nearly complete which will allow me to clean up the layout top and work on more fun projects.

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