Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Overall Layout Room Photo Gallery

Some have mentioned it was hard to picture some scenes as they didn't realize where they were in relation to the layout.  So, here are a few photos of the overall layout room.

View as you walk in the room.  To your left on the bottom level is Silvis (Kelly Yard), Moline and East Moline.  The Rock River crossing is straight ahead on the lower level.  Upper level left is Chicago (staging) and Blue Island.

Lower level - Silvis (Kelly Yard)
Upper Level - Blue Island, IL

Lower level - Rock Island on the Peninsula
Upper level - Joliet Grain on the left, Joliet city on the right.

Lower level - Franklin Farms
Upper level - Joliet, IL

Upper level (peninsula) - Joliet
Across the aisle is LaSalle, IL

To the right of the peninsula...
Lower level left - Franklin Farms
Upper level left - Joliet, IL
Lower level straight ahead - Peoria Branch
Lower level right - Bureau Junction, IL
Upper Level Straight ahead and right - Ottawa, IL

Lower level - Bureau Junction, IL
Upper level - Ottawa, IL

Upper level - Ottawa, IL
To the right - LaSalle (WestClox plant prominent in view)

LaSalle, IL in the foreground.
Utica in the background against the wall.
Philadelphia Quartz is the one with the three silos.

Also, here are some pics of the road markings I worked on the night prior to the op session.  They seem to turn out ok, but the paint pens I have been using seem to explode or fail quickly.  I haven't been pleased with the quality of the pen, but do like the results on the roads.

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