Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Progress Report 10.09.12 ~ Road Markings, Next Op Session Scheduled

Today, I added road markings to a few more roads in Ottawa and Blue Island.  Tested locomotives across the road crossings with the newly replaced wood grade crossings.  No issues through the wood grade crossings, but the locomotives are still acting erratic in the area.  I'm thinking I may need to drop more feeder wires.

Next operating session has been scheduled for December 15th.

Printed the new train instruction cards to hand out to operators.  I also created instructions for working Kelly Yard.  This is a position I always managed myself, but I think I will turn it over to someone else now since we have the waybill confusion resolved.  I know this past session, Marcus was acting as pseudo yard master helping the shops hostle power.

Speaking of operating, I wouldn't mind running either the new #118 LaSalle local or the beast Ottawa.

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