Monday, March 18, 2013

Pre-Op Session Countdown 03.18.13

Any pre-session progress I declared I might do weeks ago is completely out the window now.  The railroad has taken a back seat to family in town.  No complaints here as I have thoroughly enjoyed having family stay for a while.  It has been some good times!  I do believe I have developed Wii elbow from playing my cousins so much.

With that being said, I have been struggling to get even the basics done like cleaning track and locomotive wheels.  I'll be getting ready for this Saturday's op session on the 11th hour.  I have managed to clean almost all the track (started in Chicago and this morning just crossed the Rock River into East Moline).  

I hope to take more pics during this session.  I had a pretty good write-up last session.  Hopefully, I can take some notes during the session to create a similar summary.

I went back to work on the layout this evening.  I managed to finish cleaning all the track.  I also got a great start to cleaning the locomotive wheels.  About ten locomotives are complete.  I'm also "blowing the snot out of them" running them the length of the layout at full speed.  Hopefully all this work will provide for a smooth operating experience Saturday.

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