Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enter Sandman: Ottawa Dreams

I've been slowly re-staging the layout.  I have been slowed down by the fact that I'm actually using a switcher locomotive to move cars around vs. the five-finger method.  It's more entertaining.  I figure I'm in no rush, so why not have some fun.

No progress has been made on the layout as I'm waiting for re-staging to be complete.

In the mean time, I have continued to have dreams of a new Ottawa.  This new Ottawa would consume the entire layout room though!

Continuing my post on notes of the ROCK v2.0 from the other day, here is a drawing I created.

The job working the Silica plant and L-O-F would be quite busy.  Add a Burlington Northern local into the mix and it would get real interesting.  

For the rest of the layout, I would run the tracks around the outside of the room modeling Utica and LaSalle. A local would be based out of LaSalle to service Belrose Silica and Philadelphia Quartz in Utica as well as Maze Lumber, Westclox and the Peru Power & Water plant.  The local would travel to Ottawa yard, exchange cars and head back.  I would run random RI freights during the session around the loop tracks.  

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