Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The ROCK 3.0: Op Session Planning

Today, I was pondering a few things about operation formulating my "master" plan.  I believe I will be able to run v3.0 with four to five people just as I did with v1.0!!  That might seem crazy, but when I created this flow chart of duties, I believe it will work out ok.

Train #217 - Ottawa Local
This train will definitely require two operators.  On average they will be dropping off 28-35 cars, picking up in the low 20s.  With weighing cars and the mere number of moves required, I definitely think two operators is best.

Train #118 - LaSalle/Utica Local
This train should be able to operate with one person.  It has less traffic overall and not near as complex as the Ottawa job.

#113 Joliet Local West/East plus CB&Q Local
These trains would have one operator to run them all.  It would be a mixed bag of duties, but should keep the person occupied.

Ottawa Yardmaster 
I predict this person to be pretty busy all day. If not, I can modify later.

The best part of it is that each day the locals are already built by the previous shift the day before.  If I'm short on crew members, I can still run one, two or three locals each being independent and not relying on another train to operate.  Anything that is not completed during a session can be completed by myself in-between sessions.

If it works out like I propose, this would allow for 3 to 4 hours of running trains during a session.  Not bad for my little railroad.  If fully staffed, my little railroad will move about 150-175 cars per session.


In other news, I finish sanded Ottawa Avenue and removed the side supports (.060" styrene strips).  The road turned out great!  The quality is much better than roads on v1.0.

The other day, I cut out the basic wall parts for the sand loading building at Ottawa Silica.  This evening, I assembled some of those pieces to get an idea of what one of the facility structures would look like.  I'm very pleased.  I think it will turn out pretty nice.  I placed on the layout to get a vision of the structures to come at Ottawa Silica.  I'm excited!

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