Friday, November 15, 2013

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 11.15.13

After further review, I have decided to go with the #6 double slip for the yard.  The yard crew can access class tracks #1-4 from the new lead.  I will use track #5 as an A/D track.  The yard crew will have to run out on the main with a limited lead to move cars in and out of this track.  It's the best solution for the space I have available.

I completed the paperwork for the first op session which I must say is pretty heavy with traffic.  Make that real heavy.  Check out the stats for the first op session below.

1st Session Stats:
#217 Ottawa Local will depart with 20 cars, move 11 cars between Ottawa Silica and LOF, and pickup 28!! to return to the yard.

#118 LaSalle Turn will depart with 19 cars, move 13 cars between Belrose Silica and PQ, and pickup 17 to return to the yard.

BN Local will arrive in town with 4 cars and depart with 5.

For the yardmaster, he will start off with 60 cars in the yard including today's #217, #118 and yesterday's pickups from the same locals.  After clearing his yard of the 39 cars for both outbound locals, during the day he will receive in 24 cars and send out 18 to the Joliet Turn (east/west).  He will receive in 17 from #118 around evening time and another 28 from #217 late in the day.  Wow!  That's a lot of freight moving on my little portion of the ROCK!

I might need to provide a bottle of scotch for operators!

Here's an updated track plan of the yard.  The only thing I don't have a spot for is cabooses, but I'm guessing they could just be on the loco track.  Thoughts?

This evening, I completed installing the fascia boards except for the short section in front of Peru Power.  I'm going to try to model the river in this area so I will hold of on installing the fascia until I figure the scene out.  

I then cleaned up the room.  Not exciting, but definitely a necessity as the room was in complete disarray.  

Late this evening, I returned to the room to patch all the holes and imperfections on the fascia.  A little sanding tomorrow and I'll be ready to paint.

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