Thursday, September 25, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 09.25.14

There is much to do as it is less than 48 hours before the op session Saturday morning.  Here's a recap of tonight's flurry of activity.

Cleaned the house, went grocery shopping for lunch for the guys Saturday.

Today, I cut apart 32 road signs to add to the layout.  This evening, I painted the posts brown and the back of each sign silver (as they were all white).  Drilled the holes and installed all of them on the layout with my daughter's help..  I really like my signs.  It's a small detail, but looks great.  This layout is 100 times better than v1.0.  I'm really pleased with the level of detail and functionality.  I have no regrets in my decision to downsize and make everything better.

Completed the fencing project around PQ.  It looks great!  I'm very pleased with how this plant is coming along.  Next, I want to add some bushes between the fence and the mainline.

Carrie Avenue Shops got the Soo Line GP35 #731 into service.  Tested and consisted with the sister #722 locomotive.

Cleaned all the locomotive wheels using a technique highlighted by my friend Ben Earp. Thanks for the tip Ben!

For Allen, check out the GP38-2s on assignment on the Ottawa Local on Saturday.    They look great!

Setup the construction scene on Mill Street.  I had a natural pot hole there form in the plaster.  I added the cracks to it and weathered previously.  Setup my construction crew and warning signs to complete the scene.

It was a wild night of activity, but I actually got everything on my To Do list for tonight completed.  I thought it was a pipe dream, but I set the bar high hoping for the best.  Tomorrow night will be more of the same.  Come Saturday evening, I'll be passed out on the sofa exhausted, but feeling accomplished.

Coming Soon!
New, updated video of the entire layout.
New, photo series of the entire layout staged and ready to go.

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  1. "For Allen, check out the GP38-2s on assignment on the Ottawa Local on Saturday. They look great!"

    Yes they are! They sure are puuurdee!

    Good luck!