Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Factory Construction & Farm Update

Factory Construction Update
Today, I reviewed the requirements to build the Ottawa Silica Company main building.  It looks like I will use a combination of Evergreen Scale Seam Roof Styrene (3/8" spacing) #4523 (the same I plan on using for LOF structure) along with Windows from a Walthers George Roberts Printing kit.  Why using that kit for so many things?  Well, the kit is very versatile.  As far as Westclox goes, the brick/concrete walls and window arrangement is a very close match to the prototype.  As far as LOF and Ottawa Silica structuers, the factory style windows work well, plus the extra dock doors and stairwells are perfect for what I need.  Added with the Evergreen Seam Roof Styrene, I have everything I need.

Farm Report
Late last night, I found a small bag of Silflor static grass I had in stock.  This evening, I worked on the cow pasture to the right of the Franklin farm house.  I added a few tufts of random tall grass as well.  Dropped in a few farm animals and I have a basic scene.  I would like to add a barbed wire fence as well.  I have ideas for that.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  The trees are temporary.  I just threw in a few to add to the photo.  I'll determine what trees and how many to add permanently after I add the fencing.


After - Nice to see some green instead of the plywood.

I need to clean up my cows feet.  They still have some glue residue from v1.0 layout.

Looking west.

In front of Franklin Farms looking toward the CB&Q line.

Looks like the local is sitting at the station.

A view from south of the mainline looking at Franklin Farms.

Old man Franklin's car in front of the house.

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