Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Kitbashing Structures

Over the weekend, I received numerous kits I purchased off a friend getting out of N Scale.  Last night, I briefly sat down and started reviewing the available parts and began formulating how I can use them to construct the few buildings on the layout.  I was very excited to find I can use most everything from these kits.  In particular I was extremely excited about the Peru Power possibilities.

Peru Power
The Peru Power building has been torn  down, but it's images still live on in Bing Maps (for the time being).  I took numerous screen shots to save for future use.

Bing Maps image

Random Photo from the Illinois River I found a long time ago.

My rendition of how to construct the plant including details on what components will be used.
A crude 3D stick drawing of the outline of the future Peru Power Plant along Water St.
The building will be about 15" long and narrow (much more so than the prototype), but I will fit it in the space I have provided by the layout.

I will use the long window to fit under the "PERU" sign in the center of the building.

Again, not exact, but I believe it will provide a good representation of the structure.  I will use Bar Mills sidewalks around the side and front of the plant.  I can't wait to start construction!!!

Belrose Silica 
This project is a little easier.  It is simply styrene sheets plus a few windows from the Walthers George Roberts building kit.  I plan on modeling the main processing building and blue shop building as my foot print is pretty narrow on the layout.  

Photos from Bing Maps.  I noticed when reviewing my photos from my summer trip last year that this sight has changed dramatically.  I couldn't see well due to the trees blocking, but now there are three very large structures compared to the one in this aerial view.  It will be interesting to see after the maps are updated on Bing.

Quick drawing of the basic structures at Belrose Silica.  The buildings are up higher on the hill than the sand loading area below.

A crude 3D stick drawing of the structures to be modeled at Belrose Silica.  I would think you would be able to see the other large building behind the shop building.  I'm thinking a photo or something similar would work as a backdrop, but unsure how to obtain or draw it.

I'm thinking about using the roof sections for the covered unloading area from the Vulcan Manufacturing kit for the cover over the loading area at Belrose Silica.

Ottawa Silica
You have already seen one of the drawings of the Ground Sand Plant.  Here is an overall view of the complex including the long conveyor that goes up to the sorting mill building as well as the background building and storage silo flats that I plan to utilize.

Looking east at the plant from the center of the room.

Looking north at the Ottawa Silica Plant

The main (tall) sorting building will remain.  The loading building on the left was always meant to be temporary.  It needs to be taller.  A conveyor will be added between the loader and sorting building.  Another mid-size structure fits between the small building on the right and the tall sorting building.

The structure with an X was from v1.0 and on the layout temporarily.  I forgot to move it this morning when I took the photo.  My bad.

I'm going to use the double windows from the Walthers Vulcan Manufacturing Plant on the loading structure at Ottawa Silica.

I added a smokestack to LOF that I obtained from my recent kit acquisition.  

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