Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Various Progress Report

This evening, I worked on various issues around the layout.
  • Repaired one broken turnout point (occurred after the op session).
  • Configured both the Belrose and Ottawa Scales for the new car settings.
    To configure, you have to set the low and high end range in increments of 10,000.  The Boulder Creek Engineering scale will then generate a weight within that range depending on the toggle switch setting.
    • Scale Setting A - ACF 2-Bay Covered Hoppers - Max 263,000 lbs
      • Range is set to 240,000 to 270,000 lbs with a 23% over tonnage rate
    • Scale Setting B - Box Cars (40') - Max 176,000 lbs
      • Range is set to 150,000 to 180,000 lbs with a 13% over tonnage rate
    • Scale Setting C - PS2 2-Bay Covered Hoppers - Max 219,000 lbs
      • Range is set to 200,000 to 220,000 lbs with a 5% over tonnage rate
  • Updated the paperwork to include the new bulletins discussed at the last session.
  • Replaced the Caboose Ground throw that failed at Belrose Silica.  

HO Project:
I received in an Athearn dummy unit for my static bridge project.  This evening, I installed nearly all the stanchions.  Good grief, I had forgotten what a pain those were to do.  I hope to get the bridge repaired this week.

Athearn HO U33B Dummy Unit

The original bridge I constructed was damaged on one end.  I have all the pieces plus some replacement wood to repair.

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