Monday, September 7, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Zzzzap!

Late last night, I painted the remaining fascia.  This morning, I created the labels and applied to the fascia.

I then went through and drilled all the holes for feeder wires (22 pairs just between Bureau Junction and Peoria).  Added the bus wire on the Peoria branch and drop leaf West Bureau Junction.  The Anderson Pole connectors work great!  Went on a soldering frenzy connecting the new feeders.  By the end, I was nearly overcome by the burning flux.  Yuk!

Wired up the auto reverser at the wye.  Tested everything.  I'm happy to report a U30C or SD40-2 traverse the wye (tightest curve) with no issues.  Tested further on the areas of the original layout where I worked.  All tracks appear to have power.

Installed the UTP Panel at West Bureau Junction and tested.

Began cleaning track.  Got all of the Peoria track cleaned as well as the mainline down to the crossover at Utica.  I staged all the cars in Peoria.  Oh man, I just can't wait to operate this new section!  It is going to be awesome!!!

Created the AIS1 tabs for the one industry in Peoria.  Allied Iron & Steel was in between the TP&W and Peoria Terminal tracks.  So, since it was right there at the junction, I decided to model it.  Now, I have a good destination to send all my gondolas.  So, I can tell the crews, this job is easy!  You only have one industry to switch!  Bahahahhahhaha!!

While working on wiring up the new section and soldering feeders, I test ran all the locomotives on the test loop track on the workbench.

Worked on a secret project for the big reveal on Saturday.  Speaking of donuts.  No more photos until then!  Aww....

Today, I spent a lot of time working on the railroad, but I'm nearly ready to operate too!  Wahoo!  My To Do list is shrinking rapidly!

Goals Update
So, this is what I need to accomplish in the next 4 days.  
  • Tear down old TV cabinet off wall
  • Construct new Peoria Section and Lift Out piece
  • Install new turnout for Peoria Storage Track off Main 1 at Peru
  • Add ground throws and repair others at East Bureau Junction
  • Add ground throws between West Ottawa and Belrose Silica.
  • Re-work track at LaSalle for Bureau Junction
  • Run new bus wire and attach to new portion of the layout.
  • Lay Track in Peoria
  • Install all ground throws for all turnouts in Peoria.
  • Wire up new track in Peoria.
  • Install Auto Reverser on Wye.
  • Construct sand track trestles.
  • Install new Sand Clean out Track at Ottawa Silica (probably won't happen due to shortage of turnouts).  This will be something to do after the operating session.
  • Glue down new Crossover at East Ottawa Yard.
  • Install slide switches at East Ottawa Yard crossover.
  • Drop feeders on new tracks added to original layout, test.
  • Repair three broken turnout points on old turnouts.
  • Paint Fascia and add new labels
  • Install NCE UTP Panel at Peoria
  • Install NCE UTP Panel at West Bureau Junction
  • Add new crossover at East Utica.
  • Add new crossover to access Utica Storage Track.
  • Stage Layout
  • Clean Track (in progress)
  • Clean, Test run Locomotives
  • Prepare paperwork
  • Clean Layout Room
  • Prepare Fast Clock for op session
  • Photograph and Video updates
  • Prepare paperwork for operating session.


  1. Replies
    1. I think you will like Peoria. Want to fly over to NC this weekend? :-)

  2. I'd love to fly over. At 14.000 kilometers plus and several thousands of dollar later I doubt if it will ever happen again damn it. You have done a heap of work well done.

    1. I'm all finished as of this morning. I'm ready to operate now!