Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Speed Matching Locomotives Part II

This evening, for about an hour, I worked on speed matching locomotives with Decoder Pro.  Many of the locomotives are already paired and work well together.  I left those alone.  I did speed match the two Chicago & Illinois Midland SD9s and the Illinois Central Gulf GP30s.  Both sets are running much better.

Regarding the RI SD40-2 #4797 that was squealing like a pig, that unit needs some lubrication.  I swapped the shell with another chassis (since the shell is custom).  The RI SD40-2 #4785 now is in the shop to be lubricated.  I will work on that at a later date.  I speed matched the RI #4797 and Soo Line SD40-2 #783 for now.

I checked the Atlas Soo Line GP35 #722.  I attempted to reset the decoder, but no such luck.  I ordered a replacement Digitrax decoder (it had a NCE decoder installed).  I most likely won't receive the replacement in time.  So, that locomotive will be shopped for this coming op session.

So, overall better luck tonight (as long as none of the locomotives get amnesia with their programming come operating day).

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