Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paint Shop News: New TP&W Power

I received two newly painted locomotives by Jeff Gowers of Virginia today.  The Toledo, Peoria & Western (TP&W) Walthers C-424s look super sharp!  I'm very pleased!  I need to add some Micro Trains couplers to the units.  It appears they take the same type as the Kato SD40s.

Here are some photos of the new units.

Here is a quick video I took on the test track.  The units run very well together (in DC mode).  You would think they were consisted and speed matched.


  1. Those look sweet! Your painter has done a great job on them.
    Seems to run pretty good as well?

    1. Yes, they run great. I need to get decoders and couplers installed next.