Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back Shop Report 08.27.16

This evening, I finished cleaning off the workbench and picked up in the room.  I think that part is finally done other than vacuuming.

Swapped out the factory Kato couplers with Micro Trains #2004-1 couplers.  I struggled with this on the custom paint locomotives having to file out the coupler box opening.

Removed the decoders out of two Soo Line locomotives that will be decommissioned and sold on eBay.

I have a couple U30Cs and C30-7s.  Half have the old chassis and half with the new drop-in decoder chassis.  My hope was that I could simply swap the shells so I could drop in some decoders to get some BN power operational for this next op session.  One fit on the swap, the other, not so much.  Sadness!  I may have to order another CN-GP decoder to get it running.  I'm already wary about this install now.  I may see if I can farm out to a friend of mine.

See how the shell doesn't sit down fully on the chassis.  Sad!

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