Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Progress Report 03.20.12

Yesterday, I installed the new storage track in Joliet.  Taking the opportunity gained by my mistake, I added a new pocket track for the Joliet local power and caboose.  I'm happy about the new addition.

This morning, I added the slide switch.

I was beginning to wig out some as the layout is a complete mess with the op session a mere 11 days away.  The layout has undergone major construction over the past few weeks.  In turn, the layout looked like a combination EF-5 tornado, 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred.

Began the clean-up process.  Any projects from here on out will be minor in scale.  I managed to clean up from Franklin Farms to West Davenport and Joliet to Chicago.  Hopefully, I will complete the rest tomorrow. It shouldn't be bad.  Also vacuumed locomotive and car tops as needed as the dust factor has quadrupled due to the various lumber cutting projects recently.


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