Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo Update

Evening boys and girls.  I had accomplished my basic goals before hosting a BBQ event at our house with potential visitors to the layout.  Good thing, as I was knocked to my knees with food poisoning Friday night.  I was slow to recover Saturday, but feeling better today.  I'm still weak and trying to get my appetite back.  I did manage to take some photos of the layout to post for the fans.

This is what you see as you enter the room on the right side now.  The turnback between LaSalle and Utica.

Utica, IL ~ Philadelphia Quartz on the left and it's main commodity source Belrose Silica on the right.  The ROCK often moved freight simply from one side of the track to the other.  I guess that is why they didn't stay in business long.

Peru / LaSalle, IL ~ The oblong shaped spur on the right is for the Westclox plant.  The building was shaped at angle creating the different industrial track.  In the prototype, there was a small yard at LaSalle, but I didn't have room.  I did add a storage track, but unsure what I will use it for now.  I'm sure the crews will find some use for it though.

The former Peoria station has been moved to LaSalle.  

Bureau Junction, IL ~ former site of the ovalix ~ The main and siding from Silvis Yard to Chicago on the right.  The tracks going to the left is the Peoria branch and storage track.  The Peoria branch is on a significant grade to drop down under the RI main to a hidden track.

Bureau Junction, IL ~ I will move these houses back, but will have a row of them with a street in front adjacent to the mainline as with the prototype.  The siding at Bureau has been extended by quite a bit.  The long sidings now are Joliet, Ottawa and Bureau with short sidings at LaSalle and Rock Island.

The Station at Bureau.  This will eventually will be replaced with a scratchbuilt structure to replicate the prototype. 

Looking down the Peoria branch.  The upper level is the RI main west (to the left) to Rock Island.

Station and Passing Siding in Peoria.

Bureau Junction ~ Looking up the Peoria Branch east toward Peru.

Looking east at Bureau Junction

The new portion of the layout and my messy desk ~ former site of the shelves and floor-to-ceiling cabinet.

The new portion of the layout ~ former site of the ovalix ~ Now Bureau Junction (lower level) and Ottawa (upper level)

New signs have been added to the fascia.

As well as directional signs.

Again, showing off my new signs.

Ok, that's enough already!

Ottawa, IL ~ Burlington Northern Crossing.  I'm missing the 90 degree crossing.  I'm waiting for that to arrive from the L&HR.  I simply have a filler piece of track sitting in it's place for now.  The Burlington Northern will operate a local into Ottawa, switch out the Ottawa Silica plant and pickup/drop off at Ottawa Yard.

Ottwa Station has been moved from East Ottawa near town to West Ottawa as with the prototype.  

Ottawa, IL Yard ~ (left to right) Four class tracks with caboose/loco track in the lower left, siding, mainline, two track loading facility for Ottawa Silica.

Another view of Ottawa Yard.

Ottawa Silica.  I need to lower the backdrop as you can see the previous height of the Ottawa Branch above.

Get used to seeing these cars.  There will be a lot more of them!  We have a lot of sand to move!

East Ottawa Yard ~ (left to right) ~ Four class tracks, siding, mainline, L-O-F chemical receiving on the lower right, finished product shipping at the top of the photo.

East Ottawa Yard ~ Finished product shipping on right ~ sand unloaded against the back wall with the silos.

Libbey-Owens-Ford Sand unloading tracks to the left, main, siding, Bader Ag on the right.

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