Saturday, August 4, 2012

Progress Report 08.03.12

Not much work was completed on the layout today as today was devoted to back to school shopping.  I did paint the fascia with the help of my two daughters.  Another task completed off the Project To Do list.

Speaking of the Project To Do list, I completed another item.  An op session date has been scheduled for Saturday, September 29th.  Hopefully, we can get some people to come out to operate the new ROCK!

Added labels to all the towns on the fascia as well as direction labels.

Removed majority of the car card boxes, changed out the box labels.  I will re-install tomorrow as the girls had already fell asleep.

Project update
1) complete benchwork for the Peoria branch
2) drill holes for the bus wire
3) run the bus wire
4) cut and re-install the workbench desk
5) clean off items stored on layout during construction

6) clean up the room
7) test NCE system to ensure no shorts before commencing trackwork
8) lay cork roadbed and track.
9) drop solder feeders
10) install slide switches
11) install car card boxes

12) run wire and install throttle jacks
13) install fascia board (majority complete - put off for another day)
14) paint fascia board
15) introduce new and remove obsolete waybills
16) re-stage layout (majority is re-staged, but need to integrate the new industries and place cars in the new Ottawa yard, LaSalle and Bureau storage tracks).

17) schedule next op session!
18) review all rolling stock making adjustments to couplers and/or wheels.

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