Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progress Report 08.15.12

I noticed the other day there was an undesired transition between two pieces of benchwork that was affecting the tracks at Ottawa Yard.  I tried to adjust the riser and supports, but I couldn't get to one of the screws no matter what I tried.  Hmm...  When all else fails, break out the saw-all (saw of death).  Cut through the offending screw, adjusted the benchwork, and repaired the track.  All should be ok now.  I'll review again tomorrow after the glue dries.

Cut in the Burlington Northern crossing at Ottawa.

Started the tedious process of reviewing rolling stock for wheels (plastic/metal), couplers (only approving MTL or McHenry couplers ~ all Accumates need to go) and checking coupler height.  So far, I have identified 8 or 9 cars that need to head to Carrie Ave Shops for repair.


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