Thursday, August 16, 2012

Progress Report 08.16.12

Management reviewed the engineer's realignment of the benchwork and yard tracks at Ottawa.  All good now.

Engineers removed the remaining Christmas lights from the layout.  They will be replaced with LEDs.  Since we were in destruction mode still, I figured it would be best to go ahead and tear them out.

The wiring leading to the power source for the tortoise switch machines for the Joliet crossover was heavily damaged during the destruction of the ovalix.  I relocated the power source, re-installed the wires and repaired the connection wires between the two tortoise switch machines.  Tested, all ok.

I completed identifying all the freight cars that need repair.  I would estimate there is 60 cars or so that require repair.  The main issue is low coupler height or undesireable Accumate couplers.  The Accumate couplers will be easy enough to replace.  Anyone have a good source of washers or shims to increase height for low couplers?

I still need to review all the motive power for the same issues.  I know some of the re-powered GP7s will need some coupler adjustment.

After a break this evening, the Electrical crew went to work.  The work group was delayed by a mysterious short.  This is always a wild, not-so wonderful adventure.  Crews spread out looking for the source.  One member of the team yelled out as he found the car department had left the coupler height gauge on the track.  Stupid car department!  After the excitement was over, the crew went back to work.  They connected and soldered all the feeder wires.  They also connected the Digitrax AR1 Auto Reverser for the wye at Bureau.

Management tested various equipment around the wye.  They were pleasantly surprised to find that all power on the roster (4- and 6-axle) made it around the tight radius with no issues (even when pulling the longer passenger cars).

Management was pleased with the amount of progress reported this evening.  Crews are excited as the layout is coming together.  The new ROCK's transformation is nearly complete!

Project update
1) complete benchwork for the Peoria branch
2) drill holes for the bus wire
3) run the bus wire
4) cut and re-install the workbench desk
5) clean off items stored on layout during construction

6) clean up the room
7) test NCE system to ensure no shorts before commencing trackwork
8) lay cork roadbed and track.
9) drop solder feeders
10) install slide switches
11) install car card boxes

12) run wire and install throttle jacks
13) install fascia board (majority complete - put off for another day)
14) paint fascia board
15) introduce new and remove obsolete waybills
16) re-stage layout 

17) schedule next op session!
18) review all rolling stock making adjustments to couplers and/or wheels. (reviewed - repair schedule now in works)
19) construct bridge over Hennepin Canal 
20) install LED lights
21) Test all new trackage
22) Reconnect wires for tortoise switch machines in Joliet
23) Install AR1 Auto Reverser


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