Saturday, August 18, 2012

Progress Report 08.18.12

Enjoyed a day on Larry's Lehigh & Hudson River working as Yardmaster at Maybrook first half and working as Yardmaster at Warwick second half.  I had always avoided yard duty until about a year and a half ago.  Since, I have grown quite fond of it.  It's always a good mental challenge.  Today, I must have been slipping though as I sent some cars Boston cars to another location and then sent out a train to Port Morris that was over tonnage.  Darn brain farts!

Anywho, as always management was inspired by their visit to the L&HR.  The newly installed LED lighting looks awesome as well as the fascia and scenery started.  I will borrow the tip from Larry on using contact paper to redo my trainorder signal boards.  Mine had a bad wave in them after using the clear plastic styrene.

Since, RI management was gone most of the day unable to supervise crews (you wouldn't believe how rowdy these crews can get with out proper leadership), not much work was completed on the layout.  Crews did manage to install four slide switches.  I always dread the thought of doing these, but really they aren't that hard (especially considering, I have probably installed over 200 at one time or another now).  They are simply time consuming unless I really get into a good groove.  So, four down, twenty eight to go.

Pre-Session Project update
1) Install slide switches (in progress)
2) Re-stage the layout
3) Repair identified rolling stock that doesn't meet code (in progress)
4) Repair identified motive power that doesn't meet code
5) Construct Hennepin Canal bridge
6) Install LED Lights
7) Test all new trackage

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