Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Op Session Countdown 09.25.12

Crews completed cleaning the track this morning as well as testing some locomotive sets.

Assembled and installed the cooling units for Peru Power & Water Plant.

Repainted over the earthquake stricken Bureau, planted new grass including the revised (trailer park) neighborhood further down the Peoria branchline.

Classified inbound train #20 from Houston.  It arrives during the night before the op session starts.  I have an Extra Empty Hopper train bound for Peoria sitting on the siding in East Moline with the Quad Cities Special ready to depart soon.  Hopefully, I can find a crew to get that extra train out of my yard before an inbound freight arrives.

Completed testing locomotives except for two sets on the Peoria branch that is awaiting a clearance card due to the MOW work by the trailer park.

Good thing I conduct such tests.  This evening, I found one locomotive acting flaky.  After cleaning the wheels and performing other maintenance, it still wasn't working correctly.  It was sent over to Carrie Ave Shops and replacement power put in place.  Also, found a second set that is questionable whether it will run or not.  I'm awaiting for final approval from the locomotive desk.  It is one of the Proto 2000 GP38-2s.  Looks awesome, but problematic like you wouldn't believe.  I hate that too as I really like the paint scheme on that locomotive.

Also, when parking locomotives in their final resting spots prior to the operating session, I found the locomotive service track at Ottawa was wired backward.  I'm surprised it never shorted, but I'm guessing the turnout had isolated it until I ran a locomotive over the switch this evening.  Corrected that problem.

Although, I'm far from immune from gremlins come operating day, the pre-session routine seems to catch a few of them beforehand.

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