Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Progress Report 09.12.12

This morning, crews raised the Westclox building.  There is a lot of work to be done yet on the structure, but it's massiveness has made its presence known in LaSalle.

As you can see, the Westclox plant is quite large as with the prototype.  This photo is looking west toward Bureau.

A picture of the prototype still in existence.  Not a perfect match, but I believe a reasonable attempt 

Looking from Utica on the backside of the plant.

Looking East at LaSalle. 

Also, I cut and installed the mini-backdrop behind the Westclox plant dividing LaSalle from Utica.  I'm sure the neighbors were wondering who was out cutting lumber at 6:30am.  That would be the crazy model railroader down the street.  

I couldn't make it to high otherwise you wouldn't be able to see to work Belrose Silica or Philadelphia Quartz in Utica.  I think it will work out well once scenery is in place.  The new sections of the layout are coming along nicely.  I'm quite pleased.

A view from the company helicopter looking over the plant at Utica.

The backdrop needs to be repainted as it was used previously and has some scenery remnants on it still.

Another view from Utica with the half backdrop in place.

Another view in front of the LaSalle station with the backdrop now in place.

An overview of the plant in LaSalle.

Rolling stock is already supplying some of the building materials to construct the plant.

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