Thursday, September 20, 2012

Progress Report 09.20.12

My schedule is different on Thursdays preventing me from working on the layout in the morning.  I was merely planning on relaxing today figuring I would hit it hard again tomorrow.

While the girls were getting ready for bed, I vacuumed up all the excess grass from the grass blitz yesterday.  It's amazing how well that works to lather on paint and apply filtered grass through a strainer.  Unbelievable control and accuracy.  I'm very pleased with that.  The grass looks plain right now, but will improve with bushes, ground cover, trees, etc.

I'm fortunate as the layout room is right off the hallway upstairs.  I can quickly go into the room, do one little quick task and leave.  All those little quick tasks add up.  Anywho, I walked in the room late this evening contemplating completing one of those quick tasks, but ended up working for about 30 minutes.  In those 30 minutes, I sanded Caldwell Road on both sides of the bridge over Ottawa Yard, sanded the driveway for Peru Power & Water, and installed half of the sidewalks in LaSalle.

I then moved to Blue Island, sanding the road into the industrial area.  The vacant storage lot for Midwest Lumber Company caught my eye.  I have some filtered dirt.  I should go ahead and apply the same technique for grass and make a dirt lot.  And, it was so.  While having the dirt out, I decided to go ahead and complete the lot at Joliet Grain Company.  I'll be interested to see how both turn out in the morning when I vacuum up the excess.

So, for an evening planned of no work, I managed to get more done than I expected.

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