Saturday, September 22, 2012

Progress Report 09.21.12

Today was a day for mini-projects.

Lily the cat, that hangs out with me in the layout room.

This morning I worked on painting roads.  I painted Caldwell Road across Ottawa Yard, the driveway for Peru Power & Water Plant and the road that leads into the industrial area at Blue Island.

This evening, I added telephone poles to rural Joliet, Rock Island, Franklin Farms and between LaSalle and Utica.  

I poured in the Mod Podge for the Belrose Silica quarry.  Fingers crossed that it turns out ok.

I added numerous trees (temporarily) in the bluff cut between LaSalle and Utica.

My wife and I discussed that the bluff should be heavily wooded as in IL.  More trees will be added, but I must ballast first.

Completed adding sidewalks in LaSalle, painted the white lines in the parking lot at the train station.

Added coal mounds and white posts to the Peru Power & Water Plant.

Worked on the field at Franklin Farms.  Painted the pond at Franklin Farms.

Added sidewalks to most of the Blue Island Industrial District.

It was a productive day!

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