Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Progress Report 01.09.13 - New LP Gas Dealer

This morning, I had a burst of energy (first time in quite a while).  The plaster was too damp to sand.  I did install the slide switch for the switch at the new grain elevator.  I also repaired the slide switch at the west end of Bureau that failed late during the last session.

The new industries in Moline will be:
Heartland Cooperative Grain Co. and Rock Island Fuel Co.

Appropriate paperwork, car card box labels, waybills, etc. have been created.  Since there is only one track available for loading/unloading at the grain elevator, the second track will be used as in inspection track for inbound grain hoppers.  Crews will have to spot the inbound cars on the track (identified with a yellow "Car Inspection Required" card included in the car card packet) and move any cars that have completed inspection to the loading/unloading track.  Thanks Marcus for this idea!

I started construction on the building and LP tanks for the Rock Island Fuel Co.

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