Friday, February 8, 2013

Progress Report 02.08.13 - Ballasting the Peoria Branch Line

This morning, I worked on ballasting the main and siding in Peoria.  It was a short section (about 2 1/2ft long), but I managed to get it spread and glued.

I also ran a test passenger train back down the layout.  It doesn't look like I will have to perform a full cleaning of the track again before the video re-take tomorrow.

This evening, I worked in the layout room while the girls worked on their homework (taking breaks to help them).  I added some bushes and such along the stone wall on the Peoria Branch plus some areas between the mainline and Peoria Branch.

I ballasted from the north switch of Peoria up to where I stopped at Bureau Junction previously as well as over halfway around the turnback of the wye.  The ballast train has been working overtime.  It's looking great!

I ran another test train up and down the layout.  I believe are good for take two of the video tomorrow.

Here are some photos of the progress (the ballast discoloring is due to the glue still drying).

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