Thursday, April 24, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 04.24.14

I re-decaled the Bluford Shops Transfer Caboose.  Here are before and after photos.  I think it turned out pretty good.

Since it is a foobie anyway, I just made up any road number.  I like it!  

This evening, I worked on hill that is at the entrance of the PQ plant.  I used styrofoam as the base and then covered with wall plaster.

Before.  You can see the fascia board.

After.  Hill is constructed.  Looking from the mainline into PQ.

Looking from PQ west to the mainline.

Turnout point update.  I've been checking turnout points regularly.  I have only found one that popped loose.  Maybe majority of the problem ones are repaired now.

Inspired by Ron's Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad Blog I decided to break out my TrainCat loading platform kit.  I have been thinking about this kit with the construction going on over at PQ.  Tonight, I cut out all the parts.  Hopefully, this weekend, I can work on construction.


  1. Steven, do you have any luck keeping those Bluford transfer cabeese on the track? Sure seems they ship awfully light. Have you added any weight?

    1. I just received mine the other day. I did notice they are incredibly light. I haven't tried to add any weight yet, but figure I will need to. If I'm not mistaken, Allen Heimsoth in Nebraska tried to pull the cab off one of them and it was very difficult. I'm not sure how I will approach it, but when I do, I'll post my findings on the blog. Thanks for reading Kevin.