Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 09.17.14

This evening, I worked on a few things.

I spray painted another Evergreen C-Channel styrene strip to make Overweight Tabs.  These will be painted red with a black diagonal stripe on top.  Crews will not have to record weights, but will need to be aware of any cars that are overweight (over 263,000 lbs).  They will place a red X tab on top to mark them.  They will have to be set off and reduce the load per the plant manager's instructions (usually anywhere there is an open track).

Spent more time looking for my black paint to touch up the fascia.  I'm convinced now that I let my wife borrow/use the black paint for school.  Hopefully, I will have some paint to use tomorrow evening.

I painted the area in West Ottawa Yard and the Tank Area of PQ a light gray.  I then sprinkled on Woodland Scenics Gray ballast.  The ballast sticks to the paint.  I then vacuumed up any excess.  It's all pretty plain now, but I will try to weather it and add grass tufts.  Even plain, it looks better than plywood.

This is West Ottawa Yard at the Repair-in-Place (RIP) Car facility.
Also, is the Caboose Track along the west yard ladder.

I had the signal in place to exit Ottawa Yard.  I had tested it a while back.  I installed the panel and connected the wires for the signal.  It will be functional for the op session.

New signal.  I need to paint the back black so it will bleed through.

I have three of these signal bridges.  One has the LEDs that didn't work from BeNScale.  
I'm thinking of placing the non-functional signal bridge at East Utica as it is hard to see that signal.
I would add this signal at the west end of the yard that would basically act as the East Utica signal that crews can easily see.  I'm still pondering this issue.

The control panel.  Only the one toggle on the lower left is connected.  It will display red or yellow for exiting the yard.

This is where I would like to place my signal bridge with operating LEDs.
You can see the dwarf signal exiting the yard.

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