Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 09.16.14

First, I would like to give a shot out to WillModels on eBay.  My friend Allen told me about this seller.  They have some great 70s (and other) era N Scale vehicles for sale.  Check him out as the quality and service is superb!  http://stores.ebay.com/willmodels?_trksid=p2047675.l2563

Late last night, I worked on the fenced in lot for the utility trucks of Peru Power.  I might consider expanding it as it is a little smaller than I thought when I placed the trucks inside.  We'll see though.  I removed some of the bushes as well on the hill in front of Westclox.  My wife thought it looked like someone had planted them there vs. them being natural.  We both agree it looks better now.

WillModels Utility Trucks sitting in the lot.  The wheels have not been added yet.

I finished up the operator's instructions for the op session and printed.  The operators will have no other paperwork than their instructions as we will be implementing the Tab-on-Car system this session.  I'm anxious to see how well it works.

Repaired a coupler on a depressed center flat car that I damaged since the last op session.  Note to self: move equipment out of the way when working.  My bad.  It's good as new now.

This evening, I worked on cleaning up the tools and such I had stored behind Peru Power and Westclox.  

Weathered Water St and Putnam St.  Painted the yellow lines.  

Installed the telephone poles from Utica to the end of the layout.  The painted poles look awesome!!  I'm very pleased with them.

Spent the rest of the time looking for my black paint to touch up the fascia.  The skirting under the layout is good and bad.  It looks good as it hides stuff.  The problem is it HIDES STUFF.  Half the time, I can't find a thing.  It is lost in the black hole behind the curtain.  

Water Street.

Peru Power Substation.  The plant itself will be just to the right of the substation.

Water Street.

Putnam Street / Water Street Intersection

The Peru Power lot at the corner of Water and Putnam St.

Looking east in front of Westclox.


The telephone poles look great after I painted them.

Mill St in Utica looking west at Westclox.

Looking west on the Rock Island Mainline.

Water St and Putnam St. just west of Westclox.

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