Friday, January 16, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Farm Report

This evening after work, I applied the Doc O'Brien white weathering powder to the sandpaper roads at Franklin Farms.  I believe it turned out pretty good.  I'm anxious to see it after I apply the grass and bushes next.

Looking west at Ottawa Yard / Franklin Farms

The Franklins have a nice view of the mainline from their farm.

The Grain Elevator was on v1.0.  I named it Daniel Grain Company after my dad who passed away five years ago.  I plan on completing the kit and including it on the Franklin Farm scene.  I need to find a way to decal up with Daniel Grain Company, but faded and weathered out.

Here are a few other random photos I took today as well.


Substation at Peru Power.  The empty spot on the foreground is where the main structure will be located.


The scrap pile is growing beside the Ottawa Yard office.

I stopped to snap a photo of a RI Caboose.  Look at all that ROCK in the photo!


  1. Signals dept. bone yard makes a nice track side scene, although an expensive one.

    1. Yes, I agree! It is what it is though. I'm glad I could find some use for them.