Sunday, February 22, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Electrical Woes Update

Electrical Woes Update:
Friday evening, I took apart the NCE system and reseated the top board into the bottom board.  I also replaced the CMOS battery upon the suggestion of NCE.  They stated they are only good for five years typically.  We'll see what happens from here.  Currently, the system is working.

The PowerPro System with cover removed.

I removed the board that sits on top and reseated it.  

Here is the board removed.

Board re-installed.

Since then, it has been working for the most part.  Twice, it did have the same error when flipping on the system later where it wouldn't initialize.  I need to send it off for repair, but haven't decided on what I will do.  I'm considering purchasing a replacement system to use and keep this as a spare after repaired.  With the intermittent problems, it is concerning.

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