Thursday, February 5, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Slow Recovery

Sorry folks, but I was offline for a few days.  My wife's Grandpa Eulice (the one referenced in Franklin Farms a few posts back) passed away last week.  We made an emergency trip up to Illinois to attend the funeral and spend a little time with family.  It has been rough lately as this has been our fifth drive to Illinois in seven months.  I told my wife we need to hitch a trailer to the back of the van so at least we could make a little money with all these trips.

Sick Bay Reports:
While in Illinois, I managed to hurt my knee pretty bad.  I believe I tore my ACL.  I won't know for sure until I see the orthopedic doctor next week.  In the meantime, it hurts pretty bad and I'm limping around everywhere.  Not any fun!

Miscellaneous News
As always when traveling, our family likes to see something along the way.  This time, we stopped at the Ariston Restaurant (old Route 66 era) establishment.  Excellent food and service.  Across the street, we checked out the Litchfield, Illinois Route 66 Museum.  I enjoy reading and learning about industries from back in the day.  

Roller Derby Skate Company

Litchfield Creamery

Layout News
In regards to the layout, I piddled around in the room this evening.  I found a turnout with a broken point so I fixed that.  My mind has been everywhere else but on the layout so I wanted to reacquaint myself with my project list.  I left off working on the LOF plant.  I hope to continue work on that tomorrow evening.


  1. That'll teach you to play on that skateboard!
    Hope it's nothing too serious and you get better soon...

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  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures....
    Get well soon !

    1. Thanks Mike! No problem on sharing. So much neat stuff out there to explore.