Friday, February 13, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Window Sill Expansion Project Continues...

Window Sill Expansion Project Update
I received the wye turnout I needed to add back the LOF Bagged Sand loading tracks.  After spending much of the evening with the family for an early Valentine's Day celebration, I went to work around 10:30pm.  Things were going well, until.....

Yep, the Foreman at Ottawa Yard once again had to hang the sign of shame in the shop.  I believe this is the third incident on the layout, but now am starting to lose track.  So, I was trying to pry a piece of dried glue up off the benchwork using a small file.  The file snapped in two and nailed my index finger.  A little blood, but no foul.  Definitely no stitches.  I washed it off and continued with my work.

I am happy to report that all the industry tracks are whole once again.  The BN crossing has been cut out along with the access from South Ottawa.  A new curved track was installed to reach the yard.  The Bagged Sand loading tracks have sucessfully been relocated closer to the aisle.  A switch was cut in just north of the scale track.  

One of the two blue LED lights (that indicate when workers are loading the cars) was saved.  One snapped.  I looked for a replacement, but I couldn't find any in my stash.  I will have to order some more from the guy here in NC (  

So, overall a good night.  I still need to drop feeders for the new tracks, but that shouldn't take long at all.  

Next on the agenda, install the cork and new east staging yard.

LOF Smokestack Project
I finished applying the ribs to the smokestack.  Tomorrow, if my eBay package arrives, I'll add the ladders, walkway and railings to it.

Tab Update:
I worked on applying the decals to the c-channels for the GTW unit sand train.

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