Monday, May 4, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Ottawa Yard Work - Take Two

This weekend, I had the pleasure to operate on my friend Larry Keller's Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad in N scale.  I took notice of his stone yard.  This is basically what I want for my Ottawa Yard.  I may have to contract out Larry to come work on the ROCK to help me out.

This is the prototype I'm trying to recreate.

This is my second take on it tonight.  I tried lighter amounts of ballast and more grass.


In other news, I keep toying with the idea of expanding the layout to Peoria.  I haven't seeked approval yes, but have done some recognizance for materials required.  

May is a busy month for us typically, so I'm sure the reports will be few and far between.  Of course, I haven't done much of anything since my surgery either.  Oh well.  I tend to have dry spells and then hit hard before an op session.


  1. Hi Steven. From the pics it is starting to look a lot better. From my viewpoint it looks like it could do with a few different shades of grass just in a few places. I would also dirty up the turnouts to make them look more used.
    Apart from that it is getting there.

    1. Good points Rod. I agree. Between the rails needs to be darker, and more shades of grass.