Friday, August 21, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Bureau Junction Update

Worked on the Bureau Junction expansion project.  It went pretty well, but I'm concerned about the reach at Bureau Junction.  Coupled with the height of the layout, it makes it difficult to reach cars across the layout.  So, use a stool right?  The only problem is that there are tracks near the edge of the benchwork for the Peoria Branch and Peoria storage track.  People with more girth (myself included) could pose a problem reaching over to uncouple cars at the far end of Bureau Junction.  So, I feel somewhat defeated.  I need to ponder this some more and see what I can come up with.

On top of that, two of the turnouts I purchased from Atlas had broken point rails.  I called up Atlas today and they wanted me to ship them back.  I can buy a replacement for the cost of shipping.  So, they allowed me to take photos to send to them.  Two more will be shipped to me on Monday.  Thanks Atlas!

Here are photos from today:

Atlas Chinese Quality Control.  Yeah...that sucks!

The Bureau Junction module temporarily held in place with clamps and makeshift 

Close-up of the Bureau Junction module.

Looking back to the drop leaf LaSalle Yard.

Permanent legs added.  They are screwed in now, but I want to bolt them in.  The bolts I have are too long.  So, I need to pick up a few more.  It locks in well to the wall by the bedroom door.

Looking back toward the layout.

A temporary piece added to bridge the gap.

I laid out some cork.  This is when I discovered it will be a long reach.  I need to think about this some more.


  1. One of my Atlas C55 turnouts has failed in that manner as well. Surprisingly though, it hasn't affected performance.

    I already add extra jumpers to my Atlas C55 turnouts before installing them, and in future I'll also be applying a small dab of solder or glue to the pins and washers on the underside, to prevent failures of this type as well.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't believe any turnouts available on the market can be installed without some type of modification now a days.

    2. I totally agree with you on that Stephen.