Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Peoria Operations Video Part III of III

Sunday evening, I worked on filming part three of the Peoria Operations series.  This will be the last part as I was able to finish up the job.  I had to remove some of the cars to complete this local.  When I started this series, I just randomly selected cars to stage.  It was way too many and makes if difficult to operate.  There are definite limits that must be heeded to operate this train.  Overall, the video series is just shy of an hour long.  It is a cool job to run and I love it!

I must say, I'm quite impressed with the lift out and drop leaf sections.  I have taken them in and out numerous times.  It is quick and works well.  I couldn't have asked for more.  On my next layout, I might consider just building a modular layout.  No plans now, but if we ever moved, I think that is what I would do.  I'm really pleased with the Anderson Pole connectors as well.

So, enough talking, here is the last of the Peoria Operations video.  Enjoy!


  1. Fantastic Steven! It really shows how things work with the explanations that you inserted!!
    I can't wait to do some videos on my layout.
    Love your closing comments!

    1. LOL! We joke about that all the time. A lot of the HOs around here claim you can't operate in N Scale. That's just crazy talk! I enjoyed the video series. It has been requested of me to do one on the sand job next. :-)