Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Fast Tracks FreightCrate

Between sessions, I have quite a few cars that are stored basically anywhere I can find a place.  I have been placing them on my Hot Wheels / Matchbox car shelf, but I have too many to fit there.  I have been looking at the Fast Tracks FreightCrate for some time.  I finally broke down and decided to purchase a pair of the 90' car carrying cases.  Do I have any 90' cars?  Heck no.  I figure I would place two cars in each slot.  The largest car I run on the railroad is a 57' Mechanical Reefer.  Everything else is small with many being in the 40' range.  So, I figure I can get 24 cars in a crate.  Not bad.  These two should resolve storage issues between sessions and won't take up much room.

So, tonight, my daughter and I constructed one of them.  It went together pretty well.  We took our time with it.  I would say we completed it in about 45 minutes or so.  I'm sure the second one will go quicker now that we know what we are doing.

Tomorrow, I'll snap photos of it.  I haven't placed any cars in it yet, but overall they are very nice crates.  I like them!


  1. Several years ago a friend of mine who is also a train driver (suburban commuter ex freight ) said my layout was too top heavy with rolling stock. I took off almost 50 cars so the RR could breathe then sold them. The RR gained space to work as it should.

    1. I need to unload some too. I'm also heavy for my size layout. I like to have some extras though so the same cars aren't running around all the time.