Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: CPC International Cars Project Update

Last night, I started working on the CPC International cars.  I painted three Atlas Kaolin tanks yellow as well as two Delaware Valley 50' Airslide Covered Hoppers.  I need to go back and touch up the yellow paint on the airslide hoppers and two issues on a tank car.  I will then be able to mask off the top of the tank car to paint the bottom black.

Here are photos of the progress so far.

Atlas Undecorated Kaolin Tank Car

Delaware Valley Undecorated 50' Airslide Covered Hopper

I consulted with Tru-Color and they suggested the Erie Lackawanna Yellow.

I was hoping the paint would cover better on the railings.  I will need to remove those and hit them again with the air brush.

Overall, I think they look pretty good.

Side by side my tank vs. the Atlas 3-Bay Covered Hopper.
I believe it is close.  Allen mentioned it is more green in tint and I can see that now better on the laptop.  Of course, I'm color blind.  So, close enough for me.  I assume I will weather these cars which will hopefully make the paint schemes match better.

Speaking of painting, what do you guys use to hold your models when painting?


  1. Steven-

    Great looking job!

    I use old wooden clothes pins when painting N scale. Crossways and they fit house cars such as boxcars and hoppers. Longitudinally and they fit loco shells. If you need, a touch of masking tape can insure a tight fit... you definitely don't want the shells flying off from the air stream. HA!


  2. For box cars and loco shells I use toilet roll cardboard tubes. Squeeze them flat at one end so the car just fits snugly. It is easy to hold them while painting then it just stands up while drying. I've used them for years.

  3. Steven just don't aim your airbrush in their direction whilst applying paint to another car you know the result LOL.