Sunday, December 20, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Exploring Illinois

So, the family is on the road exploring Illinois.  Here are some of the sights so far.

Respondek Illini Terminal GP7 #1604 in Litchfield, Illinois

Dynergy Kincaid Power Plant near Pawnee, Illinois.
I believe this was a former Commonwealth Edison Power Plant.  The plant has coal provided by the former Peabody Coal Mine #10 (not sure what it might be called today).  The mine was served by the Chicago & Illinois Midland Railroad back in the day.

They had huge piles of coal built up around the plant.  Two bulldozers were working on the piles of coal.

There is a small five or six track yard here lined with unit coal trains.  Here sits a BNSF SD70ACe.  I would guess this was a DPU unit from the rear of a coal train.

PLM International lease hopper.  There were a bunch of these in the yard on multiple tracks.


Old Grain Elevator in Pawnee, Illinois

Old C&IM No Trespassing sign in Pawnee, Illinois

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