Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The ROCK 3.0: More CPC International

Another CPC International Tank rolled out of the paint shop today.  I *really* like these tank cars!  Now, to figure out how to model CPC International in Peoria.  :-)

A cut of CPC International tank cars sitting in 91 Yard ready for pickup by the Rock Island.


  1. Those look super Steven! Good job!

  2. Thanks! I have my eye on four more undec on eBay. The roundhouse tanks are a good size.

  3. Hi Steven these do look good.
    If you are interested now that I am selling my beloved SFRSD I have 4 of the roundhouse tank cars available. 3 have no trucks and all have been badly weathered by me as I was experimenting.The weathering could be stripped.
    Email me if you are interested.