Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The ROCK 3.0: Paint Shop News

I have been experiencing the worst, let me reiterate, the WORST allergy season ever.  Sometime after I turned thirty, I began developing seasonal allergies in the fall and spring.  I've been tested for the most common allergies, but nothing was positive.  This year my allergies have kicked my butt.  I've known for sometime that NC was bad for allergy sufferers (even for those who had never had issues with allergies).  I found that Charlotte is in the top 100 worst cities.  I think it is time I move to the midwest.  This state is slowly killing me!

So, anywho, I haven't been able to work on projects like I want due to suffering from the allergies.  This evening, I finally mustered up enough energy to clean some projects to prepare for paint.  I'll be painting four more CPC International tank cars and another Peoria & Eastern (Ex-Penn Central) GP7.

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