Thursday, April 14, 2016

The ROCK 3.0: Paint Shop News w/ Lots of Photos

Five more CPC International tank cars came online today.  This brings the total to eight.  I have one Atlas tank and one Delaware Valley airslide hopper to decal to complete the project.  Currently, I'm waiting on delivery of more decals.

The paint shop also completed the Peoria & Eastern GP7 #5630.  This one has the red and white Ex-PC logo on the sides and ends.

The Big news though are the four Chicago & Illinois Midland SD38-2s that arrived on the railroad today.  These were farmed out to a gentleman in Virginia that also custom painted the Illinois Terminal locomotives for me.  He is super quick and does excellent work!

Also, we are fastly approaching blog post #900 (this is post #895).  The blog surpassed 90,000 views a week or so go.  Pretty cool considering I created the blog just as a timeline of events working on my layout.  I never expected anyone to actually read it.  I'll have to come up with something good to post for #900.

Here are photos of the CPC International Cars, C&IM Locomotives and few other interesting subjects.

Lots of CPC International traffic sitting in the yard this evening.

The second batch had better more crisper paint lines.  The more I paint, the better I get.

Close up detail of the CPC International Tank Car
Painted from stripped or undecorated Roundhouse General Tank Cars

Close up detail of the CPC International Tank Car

Peoria & Eastern GP7s #5628 and #5630 passing Wesley Road crossing.

Micro Trains C&IM 40' Box Car and Illinois Terminal 50' Box Car (heavily weathered)

Bluford Shops Illinois Central Woodchip Hopper

Atlas C&O Cupola Style Penn Central Caboose

Illinois Terminal SD39s

Illinois Terminal SD39s - different paint scheme

Intermoutain 4750 CuFt 3-Bay Grain Hoppers

Micro Trains Illinois Terminal 40' Box Car (Weathered) and Atlas Illinois Terminal 
50' Precision Box Car

Atlas Illinois Terminal Caboose

Chicago & Illinois Midland SD38-2s #73, 72, 71 and #74 (four of the six they owned)

Bluford Shops C&IM 70-ton Coal Hopper

Atlas Chicago & Illinois Midland Extended Vision Caboose

Kato Burlington Northern GE U30Cs
This one was lightly weathered and beacon added on top (purchased that way).
I need to find some more beacons to add to the second BN U30C as well as 
the C&IM SD38-2s.

Atlas Burlington Northern 90-ton Hopper

Atlas Union Pacific B23-7 #137 leading up a C&IM coal train.

Kato Chicago & Northwestern SD40-2 #6847

Illinois Central Gulf GP30s leading a mixed freight.


  1. Very nice roster Steven. Paintwork gets better all the time well done.

  2. Nice variety of power Steven, but tell me? I thought you modeled the Rock Island?

    1. LOL!! I do....well sort of. I like Peoria. So many railroads (including the Rock).