Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Progress Report 07.31.12

RI Mainline Track Service is Restored!!

The track gang arrived on scene this evening.  They were busy at work with a major goal at hand.  Management is quite pleased as all the mainline/siding and yard tracks were laid this evening.  The mainline is restored!!!  I still have the Peoria branch and some industrial track to lay, but that shouldn't be bad at all.  The worst is over.

Citizens rejoice that the RI is open for business again after being out of service for 44 days.  Citizens question whose bright idea was this?  Passengers have been riding the bus until rail service could be restored.

RI Management took a complete leap of faith.  Armed with research of the prototype, RI Management made the decision to tear down 1/3rd of the layout including the ovalix that connects the lower and upper levels in hopes of rebuilding.  Throughout the process, the sanity of chief CEO Johnson was questioned.

RI Management had hoped that the project would produce more prototypical aspects of the ROCK.  In retrospect, I would say it was a success.  New additions include:
  • Expanded mainline run
  • More prototypical layout in Bureau
    • Addition of a storage siding
  • Creation of Peru, LaSalle and Utica
    • New passing siding at Peru/LaSalle
  • New 4-track yard at Ottawa
  • Famous Westclox plant at LaSalle
  • Greatly expanded silica business
    • Ottawa Silica (producing 18 cars)
    • Libbey-Owens-Ford (consuming/producing 20 cars)
    • Belrose Silica (producing 8 cars)
    • Philadelphia Quartz (consuming/producing 10 cars)
As George Constanza would say "This is a dream!  I'm busting Jerry!  I'm busting!"  I'm very excited about the transformation of the layout!  It's all good!


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