Saturday, September 22, 2012

Progress Report 09.22.12

Worked on various projects today.  Around 2:30pm, the CEO called for a cease of all construction projects.  All crews are to assist with preparations for the op session.

Before the CEO called off all projects, crews were busy.  The land was formed on the third leg of Bureau Wye back toward the west Bureau switch.  The road for the trailer park was modified so now it goes up a hill to the mainline track level.

Grass was planted in Bureau and finished up in rural Joliet.  I didn't get any further than that today before deciding it was time to clean up.

Began the clean-up of the room.  It takes a while just to gather all the tools and random items left on top of the layout.  Began vacuuming up the top of the layout as well as the floor.  Wow!  What a mess!  I think our vacuum is about to give up the ghost too.  I'm sure it doesn't help vacuuming in general in the layout room.  A lot of random things get sucked up into it.  I was slowed down as I vacuumed up the debris on the floor down on my knees with a shop vac hose.  Uggh...not efficient at all.

I did manage to make a lot of progress before calling it quits when family came over.  I had cleaned up all the carpet, vacuumed half the top of the layout and was well into organizing my desktop.

I might work on a few small projects this week before the op session, but I really do have to turn my focus toward preparing for operating.  I want to ensure as smooth as possible session with no hiccups if possible.

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