Sunday, September 23, 2012

Progress Report 09.23.12

Worked on cleaning track on the railroad.  I really despise the task, but it is necessary for a good session.  I cleaned from Chicago to just west of Ottawa.

Found two locomotive sets with power facing the wrong way (running against itself).  I must have been half a sleep when I moved power up to the trains the other day.  All is well now.

Touched up the paint on the fascia from previous projects.

Bad ordered two cars that were having issues when moving trains to clean the track.

I made a mistake picking up the wrong tub of wall plaster the other day.  This stuff is pink and turns white when it dries.  What it doesn't advertise on the front is that is cracks easily.  Patched up the cracking landscape in Bureau.  It looked like there was an earthquake.  I think I can work with the plaster, but not near as well as the typical stuff I use.

I'm excited.  The layout is looking awesome!  I can't wait to operate Saturday.  I'm hoping to get all the track cleaned and locomotives test run so I can work on a few small projects before Saturday.

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