Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Track and Signal Dept Update

The Track Supervisor went around identifying any turnouts that could potentially be non-repairable if they fail again.  Atlas replacements were purchased to keep on hand in case of major failure.  With the turnouts having periods of short supply, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Signal Maintainer Johnson was out at Putnam St installing the new flashing crossbucks this evening.  They appear to be working well, but seem extremely bright.  I emailed John at Azatrax to see if NJ International changed their LEDs.  I'm using the factory installed resistors, but will need to add an additional one to tone these lights down.  Otherwise, the crossing signals work great at Putnam Street and Mill Street.  It's cool to see both working at the same time.  The crossing signals with no gates is a better solution in this area as trains are often going back and forth through the area.  Crossing signals with gates take more time for the servo motors to operate the gates.

Here is video of a train traversing the Putnam Street crossing.  The new flashing LEDs on these crossing signals will burn your retina!

Rock Island Management met today to identify the wish list of items to tackle before the February 28th Operating Session.
  • Complete farm fields and scenery around Franklin Farms.
  • Complete scenery around the foreground of Ottawa Yard.
  • Construct LOF Plant #5 (building flat) and #7 buildings including piping between the structures.
  • Add trees across the layout.
  • Speed match locomotives.
It's not a lengthy list to complete this time, but should keep me busy before the next op session.

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