Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Last Minute Projects Update

Late blog post tonight, but wow! we are excited over here at the ROCK at our latest accomplishment.

Train Line-Up for Saturday
I'm surprised how much I can run on my little point-to-point layout, but the addition of first the LaSalle staging and now the East Staging opens up a lot of possibilities for me.

Scratchbuilding Update:
This evening, I cut out the wall pieces (for the visible sides), dock doors, shipping doors for the float glass factory.  I measured the doors with some 50' box cars.  I then lined up a different batch of box cars and was wondering why the heck are these cars not matching up?  I found the box cars with the longer shank couplers throw off the alignment.  I guess I should have designed it where they could all be separated and spotted individually.  After re-staging when I placed the factory in it's permanent spot, I found that the cars with the longer shank couplers need to be spotted next to an open spot (see a few photos below).  Maybe it will make an interesting operational situation for crews paying attention to the door spots.

I'm just a novice at scratchbuilding, but I'm so proud of this factory.  I turned out much better than I could have imagined.

Only two walls are built currently.  The walls facing the back won't have any windows or doors so they should be easier to complete.

50' Box Cars spotted at two of the four rail doors.

An overall view of the plant.

Looks like LOF has some business.

More cars.  The ATSF car on the far right has the longer shank couplers so it had to be spotted separately.

A close-up of the cars spotted at the plant.

Welcome to LOF Float Glass Factory

Here you can see the Blue LEDs indicating the cars are being loaded and must not be moved.

An overall view of the LOF complex.  On the left, the sand storage silos and processing plant.  On the right, the float glass factory.

Another view of the same.

Snow Apocalypse Update:
Local forecasters are foaming out the mouth about the Texas snowstorm coming our way.  I have seen anything from 4-8" predicted for the region.  The way the forecasters are so wound up, you would think it is going to snow butt deep to a giraffe!  We'll see how it goes.  I may get some extra time to work on the layout before the op session which would be nice.

No worries right?  Well, I came home today and noticed the house felt a little cool.  I checked the thermostat to find it at 64.  Well, that seems odd.  I don't hear the heat running.  What gives?  Turn it off and try again.  Nothing.  Sadness.  Called in a repair guy.  Luckily, he came out tonight.  Evidently, we need a new gas valve or control board (that sounds expensive).  He will acquire parts and return tomorrow (hopefully before the snow starts).  At least it didn't go out during the snow storm.  I'm thankful for that.

Our cat Lily hanging out at the warmest spot in the house.


  1. The LOF complex is looking great, and will provide lots of activity for your operators. And it's surprising how much extra operation you can get by adding just a few staging yard tracks.

    1. Thanks Ron! I'm pleased with how it has turned out so far.