Thursday, October 29, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Track Work and New Sand Unloading Track Progress

This evening, I worked on a few things for about an hour.  I repaired two broken turnout points.  I repaired the North Ottawa Silica turnout ground throw.  The throw bar was damaged.

I then cut in the new diamond for the sand unloading track.  I used wall plaster to build up the area for the trestle in the sand pit.  I will let it dry and then finish it off another night.  I believe the turnouts I ordered are due to arrive Monday.  In the end, I will have a run around track for access to the new sand unloading track at the north end of the plant.  This will be used for reducing sand on overloaded cars caught by the scale.

In other news, the NCE booster is acting flaky again.  When I turn it on, it doesn't initialize to the normal ready mode.  The throttles light up and only lists their throttle ID number.  I don't get it.  I removed all the locos and throttles except one.  It still didn't work until trying five or six times later.  It's so frustrating.  Not sure what is causing the problem.

Here is the current Project list:
  • Repair North Ottawa Silica Turnout
  • Repair turnout at PQ plus any others with broken points
  • Adjust scale sensor at Ottawa Silica
  • Check programming on locomotives (speed matching) and clean wheels.
  • Install Sand Dump Track
  • Ballast Peoria
  • Install roof on Westclox
Photos of tonight's progress:

Looking North at Ottawa Silica

Looking North from the Ottawa Silica loading building.  Tracks 1 to 4 left to right.

The sight of the new turnout and crossing to access the new sand unloading track.

Cut the yard lead to add in the new crossing.

Filled in the area with various debris (more was added).

Unloading track temporarily in place.

The unloading track will have a two car limit.

Once this dries, I will add just a touch more of plaster to level the track.

I think it will work out well.  It will be nice to have an official unloading spot for over tonnage cars.


  1. Nice work Steven. Cannot help with the booster issue sorry as I run Digitrax.

    1. Thanks Rod! I think it is time to purchase a new booster.